CPSPL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and strictly adheres to quality policy conditions set out in as per ISO Norms. A specific quality policy exists at each and every stage of manufacturing process. The movement of material inside the facilities is strictly moved by BINS along with Job Route Card to avoid any mix up of various products and maintaining the finish of products. At the end of all processes ,final inspection is done by Quality Staff as per sampling plan for threaded fasteners ISO 2500-I. Following documents are maintained for each part:-

  • Job Route Card duly filled and certified by QA staff.
  • Observation sheet duly filled and certified by QA staff.
  • Test certificates for chemical, mechanical properties as per customer’s requirement along with dispatch documents.


“We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing products with the specification mutually acceptable and agreed upon with continual improvement in all the activities of organization. We shall achieve employees’ satisfaction by creating better working environment, proper training and motivation.”

Engineering Services PROVIDED BY CPSPL

The Right Fastener can reduce your assembly costs, Increase Your Production Speed, Consolidate Your Inventory, Improve Your Product Design and security to your production.The right fastener at the right time from the right vendor can SAVE you up to 25-40% off your fastener costs!

We offer technical and engineering services as a value added resource to meet the increasing demands of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Technical assistance is at the forefront of the services desired, as is concurrent engineering which helps to compress design implementation and reduce overall costs.

CPSPL support the customers by providing different types of services— KANBAN , JIT and Customized Inventory Management programs.